Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I have finally put together the "Shit That Will Kill Them" machine (thanks Lance for coining the perfect descriptor).  I have been having some trouble with the fit though and my lower back is destroyed.  I can't point the finger to anything in particular (LBS fit job, saddle height, saddle angle, saddle to drop distance, stem length, fitness, cleat position, posture, saddle type, etc. etc.)  I decided to put the future success of my long rides in the TT position in the seemingly capable hands of TTBIKEFIT.com.  I produced a cycling video and sent it in for analysis.  Let's see how it goes!

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Storm. Yes, Storm like:

I thought about naming her Rogue which would fit nicely with the concept of Shit That Will Kill Them, but then I decided against it since Rogue takes the life out of everything she touches.  Considering that I will be riding her I decided I'd better keep name hunting. Then I came upon Storm.  Perfect.  Okay...riding the storm...Riders on the Storm by the Doors?? Lame.  Not enough power and determination in that song. Searching searching searching...found a metal band called Stormriders.  There we go.  Check out these nice family friendly lyrics from  their 1994 track "Into Battle."  A bit harsh but I think this is the attitude I'd like Storm to have.  Done.  Let's see how Storm's increasingly lethargic rider can keep up.

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